A service agreement is made below; between on the one hand Todeza Ticaret Limited known as “the company” and on the other hand the member known as “the user” concerning the conditions on providing services on the “website” known as

1.       The services the company will provide and the conditions

1.1   The company is established as a limited company under Law 113, the Companies Law and it operates at Şht Mustafa Yerlioğlu Street, Hacı Ali Apartment, ground level, apartment 2.

1.2   The company provides a service where it produces coupons and markets them through this website to sell and/or market third parties’ (not parties to this agreement) products and services.

1.3   The Company is not liable for the provision of the services presented on the coupon and/or for the provision of products and/or services and/or for any existing defects and/or defects which may result with the products and/or for any defaults and/or for any delays.  However, the third parties who through the coupons that the company markets commit to provide and/or present services and/or products can be held liable for not providing and/or presenting the service or the product.

 1.4   The coupons that are marketed by the company are not for a particular service or particular product.

2.       Marketing the coupons, the marketing period and payments

2.1   Press the button on the main web page which states “Purchase deal”.

2.2   Select the number of coupons.

2.3   Enter your name, email address and bank details (surname, account number, bank code, bank name) or credit cards details

2.4   Your purchase offer will be considered as an offer once you press the “Purchase deal” button. The acceptance by the company will eventuate once the company sends you the coupon.

2.5   Until the sale procedure is completed your credit card will be blocked for the amount of the sale.

2.6   Once the time for sale ends, the minimum number of sales is reached and we receive confirmation of your payment we will send you your coupon via email.

2.7   Print the coupon and turn it into a service or product at the relevant retailer.

2.8   The time for marketing a coupon is limited and the company identifies each deal specifically. When the period expires you cannot purchase a coupon in relation to that service or product.

2.9   The payment by the user only eventuates once the offer period expires and once the minimum number of users is reached. If the minimum number of users is not reached the sale of the coupon does not take place and the amount is not deducted from your bank account or credit card.

2.10     The sale of the coupon only takes place once the company gets confirmation of your payment. If the payment is not successful in your first attempt (for example if the bank account does not exist, there is not sufficient funds, your credit card number is incorrect or the limit of your credit card has been exceeded) the sale of the coupon does not take place.

2.11      Once the coupon has been successfully purchased, it is sent to the email address that you enter whilst making your purchase. Your email will be correct only if the email you gave was correct and working. The company is not liable for coupons which are not sent if the email address given was wrong. The coupon is sent immediately once the payment goes through to our bank account.

2.12      On every coupon there are two code numbers which relate to the product and/or service for when the third party is changing that into a service or product and compares it to their own list.

2.13     A coupon can be transferred.

2.14   Copying, making alterations or manipulating coupons is forbidden. The company can warn the third party who commits to provide the service and/or product and take legal action against any person who is believed to copy any coupons against this Agreement and/or Laws.

2.15   Unless otherwise stated, every coupon can only be used once.  If the coupon cannot be used fully or full use cannot be made of the service, the remaining difference is cancelled. The Company does not have to refund any amount in this situation.

2.16   Unless otherwise stated a coupon does not allow unlimited use of a service or purchase of a product.

2.17   If the coupon is valid for a specified time, then the coupon can only be changed into a service or a product during that valid time. If the service or product is not changed into a service or a product during the valid time then no right including refund of the payment can be claimed. 

3.       Other Rules

3.1 The Company can change the website’s coverage and usage from time to time and/or when necessary it can change, limit or end the website. The Company can undertake recovery procedures and/or may limit use of the website due to other malfunctions and/or can at times stop use of the website. During this time some information may be lost. The company therefore does not guarantee usage or technical malfunctions or information loss.

3.2  The Company will protect the services’ copyrights and other rights and at the same time will protect the information, pictures, videos published and copyrights of data banks and other rights (from hereon “Protected Property”). Without written permission, no alteration, copying, publishing, transferring to third parties can occur of Protected Property and /or use in any different way is prohibited. Unless written permission is given by the Company, the company is not liable for any documents, information or images which may be taken.

3.3 The user by purchasing the coupon accepts that the Company can store personal information and information in order to contact and send information to the user from time to time. Once membership of the user has ended the Company will not use any information of the user.

3.4 The Company from time to time or whenever it is necessary can change the terms of this Agreement unilaterally. If this occurs, the alterations made will be published on the main page of the website and will be notified to the users via email.

4. Resolution of Disputes

4.1 The TRNC Laws apply to any dispute which may result from this Agreement and/or use of the website.

4.2 The Nicosia District Court has jurisdiction to resolve any disputes that may arise from this Agreement and/or use of this website.

4.3 Any service of legal documents that will need to be made as a result of a dispute that may arise from this Agreement and/or use of this website will be served on the user to their address given when registering on this website. If the given address cannot be found and/or for any other reason it cannot be served on the given address it will be considered as served if the document to be served and/or if the Nicosia District Court considers it necessary a summary is published in a daily newspaper which is published in the TRNC at least once.