TODEZA TICARET LIMITED’S POLICY ON PRIVACY  is an internet company which is owned by Todeza Ticaret Limited whose registered address is at Şht Mustafa Yerlioğlu Street, Hacı Ali Apartment block 12, ground level, apartment 2.

B.    The proceeding Policy on Privacy explains the rights of users’ in the way information is gathered, shared and protected of over the internet.        .

C   Users by visiting this website declare that they accept the following conditions.

D.   Users who do not accept the following Policy on Privacy in full or in part cannot become members of this website.               

E.    The Policy on Privacy is not derived from any other source or procedure, it is only relevant for the information obtained through


  1.   Personal information: your name and surname, address, email address and password is protected so that use can be made of the services provided by this website without any concern.
  2. The information that is saved by our website is used to make use of the services provided and in order to complete a sales agreement. The information mentioned can be shared with third persons only if the user accepts so during the sale.
  3.  In order to increase our website’s traffic throughout various websites we use cookies (a small file that contains a list of characters). Most of the cookies that we use are removed from your computer’s main memory once you close your computer. The remaining cookies are used to save the user’s preferences, to easily recognise the user once they enter the system again and to increase our services overall quality including closely following the user’s trends. Our deal partners which we have agreements with cannot use these cookies to gather, distribute or use users’ information.
  4. uses various third person or firms follow up systems such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the Internet Analysis service of Google Inc. Company. The information that Google Analytics gathers from users’ computers (including IP addresses) is transferred to Google located in America for statistical purposes and the information is stored at this location. The information that is gathered is used to determine our website’s user preferences, to prepare our website’s activity reports and to improve our website’s services. Google does not combine users’ information (IP address included) with other information saved by it and does not share this information with third persons unless required under law.  Our website users can limit the use of their cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on their web browsers.  However, they may not be able to make full use of our website. Our website users approve Google collecting and using personal information in accordance with abovementioned standards and conditions.
  5.  Personal information of our website users may be used by our company to send them information about deals via emails or bulletins. If our users do not want to be informed about the deals they may send an email to whenever they want stating so.  In order to receive information about new deals our users can register on our website in our news bulletins section or can remove their previous registrations.
  6.  We may share personal information of our users with State authorities or departments if required under law, in situations where State and public security is at risk.
  7. We send our conditions of use of our website, conditions and user agreements via email to our users. Our users may visit our website and read our website’s conditions of use agreement and conditions whenever they desire. Also, our users can enter the website and  check detail about services that they purchased in the past.
  8. You can contact us for any queries or complaints by sending an email to or by phoning our customer support telephone numbers on our website.
  9. The information that is gathered on this website can be sold or transferred to third parties or corporations in situations where the company is sold, merged or redeveloped.
  10.  Our company may from time to time and/or whenever necessary unilaterally change the rules concerning Privacy. If this occurs, then the changes made will automatically be stated on the main page of this website and members will be notified by email.